11 05, 2017

Supply Chain 2020: the five “to do’s”

By |Strategy|

When you explain the logistics process to an outsider it sounds fairly simple: ensure that the product is delivered in the correct quantity and in good condition at the correct place and date, preferably also at the correct time. But putting this simple scenario into practice is easier said than done, as logistics professionals have [...]

17 04, 2017

Do you have a customs agent/tax representative in the UK yet?

By |Customs|

Last month the House of Commons gave the British prime minister the go-ahead to formally begin Brexit negotiations. The House of Lords is expected to approve this decision next week. Let us assume for the sake of argument that Article 50 will be triggered on 1 March. Under the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon a [...]

4 04, 2017

Forget the wonderful product: go for the flexible process

By |Strategy|

Offering products and services with unbeatable quality: that has long been the mission of many companies. In fact it was the key to their success. With the emphasis on "was." Then came the age of "the customer." Suddenly it was all about the customer. They had to be "earned" daily in their millions, and when [...]

15 12, 2016

What Changes Can Belgian Customs Declarants Expect in The Near Future?

By |Customs|

The new EU Community Customs Code includes a number of provisions that will come into force in Belgium in 2017. Here we introduce a number of new features that declarants will have to deal with in the near future. In a following article we will go into greater detail about these new aspects in the [...]

4 10, 2016

Collaboration with software firms: taking Customs administration to the next level

By |Customs|

The National Forum serves as a platform for regular consultation between the Belgian Customs authority and the economic operators concerning the latest European developments. Within this National Forum there is also separate consultation for companies that supply software services. At these meeting the Customs authority also informs us about the latest technical developments, with more [...]

12 07, 2016

Gross Mass Declaration Directly From File

By |Customs|

As of 1 July all shippers are obliged to declare the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of each export shipping container. This SOLAS obligation applies worldwide. Customers with the TRIS Forwarding solution can send the VGM directly from their file to the shipping company/portal site

11 07, 2016

Scanning made easy

By |Warehouse|

TRIS Warehouse integrates computer data sent from hand terminals, barcode readers, RFID scanners, voicepicking units etc. The data can be automatically recorded with various types of terminal (hand-held terminal, forklift terminal etc.), sent online by RF and processed in real time in the database. Data from the inbound and put-away scanning are placed automatically in entry order, while picking and outbound scanning data

7 07, 2015

Dutch Customs Informed Electronically of Ship’s Stores

By |Customs|

In the Netherlands, declarants must inform Customs about the quantities of supplies or bunkering they bring on board. Thanks to the TRIS Customs Management System they can send this declaration electronically to Customs directly from the application. This electronic declaration includes the obligatory fields required by Dutch Customs

25 06, 2015

From electronic booking to digital B/L in web portals

By |Forwarding|

With TRIS Forwarding declarants can submit an electronic booking request to the INTTRA, GT Nexus, ECU, CargoSmart, Porthus and other portal sites. This is particularly useful for receiving the final digital B/L which is archived automatically in the forwarder's digital file. Electronic booking: the customer sends

19 06, 2015

Get Strategic Benefits From Inward Processing

By |Customs|

The TRIS Customs module offers various extras for shippers and logistics service providers who carry out inward processing (i.e. processing of non-EU goods for resale within the EU or export from the EU). For instance, the stock administration is maintained automatically, and the solution includes a conversion module for processed goods. But the main feature is the handy decision table with a list of countries that enjoy a preferential trade tariff