Do you want to specialise in error-free retyping of data?

If so, stop reading now.
There is no hope for you: TRIS Smart Tower can’t help you.

Do you want to concentrate on freight flows where you can offer genuine added value?

Here’s where we can help you!
TRIS Smart Tower automates all repetitive, monotonous operations (for example, recording regularly recurring container shipments or customs declarations), without a single manual operation being required.


TRIS Smart Tower reads the data from external databases (ERP, Excel, PDF, .xml) and uses it to automatically generate a declaration in TRIS Customs, and/or enters it automatically in the correct fields of your file in TRIS Forwarding.

You then decide what it does next.

I decide?

That’s right.

Based on your own logical cause/effect scenario (if … then …).
Your business processes form the guidelines on which TRIS Smart Tower operates.

And the possibilities?

– Send declaration to Customs, get clearance and process it
– Registration
– Advance notice of arrival on quay
– Send B/L data and process B/L
– Inform various other players simultaneously
– Provide documents
– Invoicing
– … and anything else you want

And I don’t have to do anything?

Nope. Nothing.
Unless something happens that Smart Tower doesn’t recognise.
But in that case it’ll warn you in time.

Want to know more?


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