Manage your operational and financial warehouse activities

With TRIS Warehouse Management Solution you can manage all your operational steps from A to Z: planning, goods in, transfers, goods out etc. All combined with powerful file management: from offer to invoicing, including document management for the warehousing and transport activities.

Users of TRIS WMS benefit from smart functions for stock management, transport, invoicing, integration etc. The solution is fully developed for all commodities including containers, breakbulk, bulk goods and so on.

TRIS WMS can be fully integrated with other TRIS solutions as well as external systems (e.g. accounting, ERP etc.), existing scanning solutions and MS Office. With one-time data entry, customers have all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) fully under control.

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Up-to-date information for the customer
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Mobile Services

A set of solutions to support personnel using hand-held devices.

The web services scanning controls the activities of warehouse employees using hand-held devices (scanners, VMTs, tablets etc.). All the data generated are exchanged in real time with the TRIS solution.

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Additional advantages

  • Fast (Business Process Approach)

  • Simple & intuitive

  • Efficient, thanks to one-time input

  • In-application digitisation and archiving of all relevant communication and documents

  • Clear reporting (dashboards)

TRIS supports your supply chain as a service

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