Optimise your logistics processes with TRIS Forwarding Management Solution

TRIS Forwarding Management Solution (FMS) is a total solution developed in collaboration with the main actors in the logistics supply chain. It supports the full operational and financial file management, from offer to invoicing, including document management.

Users of TRIS FMS include among others forwarders, logistics service providers, terminal operators, industrial shippers, hauliers etc. It facilitates their shipping files, line agency, forwarding, land transport, air freight, barge freight, tramping, groupage, trading and stock management.

TRIS FMS can be fully integrated with other TRIS solutions as well as external systems (e.g. accounting, ERP etc.), portal sites (INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart, APCS etc.) and MS Office. With one-time data entry, customers have all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) fully under control.

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Proactive management tool

Integration with shipping companies

Book directly from the file with the various shipping companies, using INTTRA, GT Nexus, ECU, CargoSmart, APCS etc.

Receive the digital B/L which is archived automatically in the digital file. All B/L data are incorporated in a standard B/L template so that users can easily check the information and if necessary submit it to the customer.

Booking and B/L information (shipping company booking number, ship voyage number, actual times of departure and arrival of the ship, etc.) are sent to the file automatically.

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More Benefits

  • Fast

  • Simple

  • Efficient

  • Transparent

  • Financial control

  • Clear reporting

  • Uniformity for all users

  • Oracle-technology

Glance – Scan – Commit

Starting from a clear overview (glance) you click through to additional information (scan) and then act (commit).

TRIS supports your supply chain as a service

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