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1 07, 2020

Hard Brexit gaining momentum

By |News|

No extension of the transitional period, no European customs tariff, and the roll-out of customs controls at the British border: not much more needs to be said to see that a hard Brexit is likely to become a reality. But even with a free trade agreement, there is still a lot of homework to be [...]

22 11, 2019

Our tentacles reach far and wide

By |News|

Goods constantly enter and leave the country through the port of Antwerp. To make sure that all these flows run flawlessly, more than ever the key lies in advanced, but at the same time rock-solid, ICT applications. “If you want to get it right, even in the logistics sector there is no way other than [...]

2 04, 2019

How ECS2XL and Intris/WiseTech Global are tackling hard Brexit

By |Customs|

Automation is key, made possible by TRIS Smart Tower. The database used for this is the ERP package from ECS2XL. As soon as the products leave the warehouse (and are consolidated on the truck), the corresponding data are sent automatically to TRIS Customs. The system draws up an export declaration in PLDA and sends it [...]

16 01, 2019

Six practical Brexit measures you can take now

By |Strategy|

The British parliament is due to take a decision on Brexit next week. Whether it will be a hard or a soft Brexit, deal or no-deal, the fact is that the UK will no longer be part of the EU as of 30 March 2019. In the best case there will be a transition period [...]

5 06, 2018

Is your customs system Brexit-proof?

By |Customs|

There is a good chance of the UK no longer being in the European customs union after 29 March 2019. This will mean among other things that half a million more customs declarations will have to be made each year. Yes, half a million more. And that's just an estimate. Is your customs system ready [...]

7 02, 2018

Intris joins the WiseTech Global Group

By |News|

Today we announced we are joining the WiseTech Global Group… “This is the logical next step for Intris, as we are currently transforming our operations and technologies to better support the market and our customers, with whom we will continue to partner closely. With WiseTech’s global strength and significant innovation capacity invested locally, we will [...]

10 01, 2018

Electronic request for customs clearance: your three advantages

By |Customs|

Since 1 October it is obligatory for customs clearance requests to be sent electronically, under the new rules laid down by the UCC (Union Customs Code, i.e. the EU customs legislation). European Customs Decision System (CDS) A brand-new, pan-European electronic system now permits requests for 22 different types of customs clearance to be submitted by [...]

10 01, 2018

Cloud: public, private, multi or hybrid?

By |Strategy|

Cloud applications have found a firm place in the day-to-day operations of companies. The large suppliers are investing massively in cloud services: the IT research institute IDC expects that their turnover from the cloud will double to 554 billion dollars between 2016 and 2021. Large "public" cloud service providers (think Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle) [...]

22 08, 2017

Warehouse management with spreadsheets?

By |Warehouse|

Four reasons why that's no longer a good idea The number of Excel users around the world is estimated at 400 million. As long as it's for personal use or private accounting for small businesses there's nothing wrong with this. Indeed Excel is an excellent tool for drawing up and maintaining simple plans and scenarios. [...]

18 05, 2017

Have you thought of a bonded warehouse for your e-commerce merchandise?

By |Customs|

"Distance selling" or e-commerce grew by 18% in Europe in 2015, reaching a volume of 550 billion euros. The EU is determined to promote this trade and is working hard to remove the obstacles in its way, by among other things streamlining the European Customs and VAT legislation. But already there are plenty of opportunities [...]