Speed up your European goods flow with TRIS Customs Management Solution

With TRIS Customs Management Solution you can manage all your import, export and transit declarations, certificates and PLDA/AGS declarations. This solution has been developed in collaboration with our customers to be very rapid and user-friendly and includes fully automatic invoicing of Customs information.

A particular feature is TRIS CCT which enables you to communicate directly with the European Customs authorities. Intris is the only software service provider in Europe to have obtained AEO certification for this.

The Customs Gateway Europe sub-module supports the extended gateway concept fully automatically, from all seaports to all European inland terminals.

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Everything under control

Bonded warehousing

Bonded warehousing control for all regimes (VAT, Customs & Excise) including RTO.

Our solution enables users to archive their warehouse administration for goods with different destinations. Additionally this information can be used to generate an Excel spreadsheet for globalisations.

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Further advantages

  • Fast, efficient and transparent

  • Analysis and assistance by an exclusive Customs expert

  • Creation on basis of blank declaration, standard template, copy of an existing declaration or automatic input from ERP or TRIS Forwarding

  • Various search options and statuses based on colour coding for fast overview

  • Automatically open, validate and print out documents from different locations

  • In-application digitisation and archiving of all relevant communication and documents

  • Uniformity for all users

  • Oracle-technology

  • Direct consultation of Customs communication from declaration.

Glance – Scan – Commit

Starting from a clear overview (glance) you click through to additional information (scan) and then act (commit).

TRIS supports your supply chain as a service

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