Automation is key, made possible by TRIS Smart Tower.

The database used for this is the ERP package from ECS2XL.

As soon as the products leave the warehouse (and are consolidated on the truck), the corresponding data are sent automatically to TRIS Customs.

The system draws up an export declaration in PLDA and sends it to the Belgian customs.

Once confirmation of the MRN numbers is received, the relevant data are sent to RX/Seaport (the data platform for the port of Zeebrugge) for pre-declaration at the ferry e-desk.

At the same time the system prepares the British import declaration.

(You read that correctly: this is all done automatically.)

All these data are sent to CargoWise One (the global solution from WiseTech Global) which further processes the British import declaration and – still automatically – sends it on to the British customs system.

The UK import duties, VAT (sales and purchasing invoices) and MRN numbers are reported back to TRIS Customs.

TRIS Customs then automatically generates an invoice that also includes the administration costs.

As soon as hard Brexit arrives, this system goes live.