There is a good chance of the UK no longer being in the European customs union after 29 March 2019. This will mean among other things that half a million more customs declarations will have to be made each year. Yes, half a million more. And that’s just an estimate.

Is your customs system ready for this?

Of course you can make customs declarations for goods sent to and from the UK, but are you prepared for the additional workload? Wouldn’t it be much simpler for the standardised, repetitive movements to be declared automatically to customs directly?

Do you have any idea how much time (i.e. manpower and costs) you would save by automating these uniform declarations? And how your customs clerks could use that time instead for complex declarations?

TRIS Smart Tower

That’s why Intris has developed a tool for you as part of its Customs solution that saves time, prevents errors and centralises the data in one system.

This TRIS Smart Tower automates all the repetitive, monotonous operations that might appear trifling but are nevertheless critical. Just one small mistake in copying from the customer order to the declaration could easily cost you a couple of lost hours.

Not to mention incorrect VAT and import duties in your invoicing.

Four big advantages

  1. With the Workflow Management System the customer can set their own checkpoints so that the system monitors the customer’s procedure, with the necessary alerts.
  2. TRIS Smart Tower reads the data from external systems (ERP, Excel, PDF, .xml), makes a declaration in TRIS Customs and sends it to customs. When clearance is received it is processed automatically in TRIS Customs.
  3. It then informs one of your clerks, the customer and a third party (e.g. pre-announcement of the container in APCS and Portbase) about the clearance note.
  4. Finally it reports the clearance, files the declaration and invoices the customer.

AEO certificate extended to 2021

Intris is one of the few software suppliers that enables customers to communicate directly from their system with the customs in Belgium and the Netherlands. Intris obtained AEO certification for this back in 2014.

Intris and WiseTech

Intris NV is a member of the Australian group WiseTech Global. This stock exchange-listed company focuses mainly on innovation in worldwide supply chains.

It develops and supplies cutting-edge logistics solutions that stand out for their far-reaching integration, detailed compliance capabilities and worldwide reach.

WTG has among its customers more than 7,000 logistics companies spread over more than 130 countries, including 33 of the top 50 worldwide third party logistics service providers and 24 of the 25 largest global forwarders.

As a member of the WiseTech Global worldwide network, Intris offers its customers secure future prospects: the significant innovation capacity that is invested locally ensures that all links in the supply chain (including customs management) can keep up with and even anticipate the rapid changes in society.