Logistics service providers that manage their customers’ supply chain on a Europe-wide or even worldwide basis can now call upon a reliable, flexible and future-oriented software solution.

Patrick Van De Looverbosch, CEO of Intris, explains the advantages that Intris offers for this.

“The preparation work is absolutely critical. We take as long as necessary to analyse our customer’s business processes. Our people have followed Prince2 training in project management for this.

In consultation with the customer they draw up realistic objectives and attainable milestones. Another important precondition for success is knowledge of the logistics world. Our people are familiar with the challenges facing the customer. e

We speak the same language, and they appreciate that,” says Van De Looverbosch.

Workflow management

“Our solutions are very practice-oriented, which also makes them particularly user-friendly. We have translated the paper files into software, as it were, so that the user follows the same logical steps as if leafing through the familiar papers. But the system is designed so that it cannot make errors or miss out a step.”

“Together with the customer we inventorise the SLAs and KPIs and translate them into to-do lists that have to be checked off one by one. The dashboard function shows immediately which steps are most urgent. The same goes for the accompanying documents. At management level, this dashboard shows the financial data for each file.”

All links in the supply chain

“We focus on the three important links in the supply chain, namely forwarding, customs and warehouse. In each of these solutions we have integrated the operational and financial aspects fully with each other, including the digital document flow.

Most of our customers take two of these solutions or all three, depending on their core activities. But even if for example they outsource their customs formalities to a third party, we can integrate the external packages seamlessly with our system, so that no additional manual input is needed.”

Seamless integration

Getting an international consignment from producer to end customer easily involves 100 people, each with their own communication system. “To avoid additional input we have developed the TRIS Squid integration and communication platform,” Van De Looverbosch explains.

“This provides direct connections with the customs authorities, port platforms, portal sites, software solutions used by third parties, etc. The communication is seamless, with zero avoidable errors. Furthermore we are the only ones in Europe to have AEO certification for our communications with the customs authorities.”

Worldwide network

As of this year Intris is a member of WiseTech Global, a stock exchange-listed group. WTG develops and supplies cutting-edge logistics solutions that stand out for their far-reaching integration, detailed compliance capabilities and worldwide reach.

WTG has among its customers more than 7,000 logistics companies spread over more than 130 countries, including 33 of the top 50 worldwide third party logistics service providers and 24 of the 25 largest global forwarders.

“By joining the WiseTech Global worldwide network, Intris offers its customers secure future prospects: the significant innovation capacity that is invested locally ensures that all links in the supply chain (including customs management) can keep up with and even anticipate the rapid changes in society,” Van De Looverbosch concludes.