It’s possible.

Because our TRIS Cloud solution (in cooperation with our technology partner Oracle) is comparable to Fort Knox. It has to be if the CIA is one of your customers.

Tony Vertenten, Intris CTO: “Oracle simply cannot afford to be hacked. They’ve invested huge amounts in security and our customers can benefit from that.

The Oracle Cloud has it all: the servers, access to the internet, and all of the security. And everything is of a very high quality, the cream of the crop.

The physical security is also impressive: they have three separate data centers that are located at least 100 kilometers apart and are set up as bunkers. Moreover, every part of the machine exists in triplicate.

As far as access control is concerned, the highest level of security is the standard there. All entrances are isolated and closed and everything is very closely monitored.”

What if my competitor is inside that Cloud too? Can he/she access my data?

Tony Vertenten: “That’s impossible. Oracle encrypts everything as soon as it’s stored in the Cloud. The keys to decipher this are managed by Oracle itself and trust me, they have incredibly tight security.

Plus, Intris opted to provide every customer with a separate Cloud environment. One customer’s Cloud is completely separate from another customer’s Cloud. They each have their own virtual machine and database; nothing is shared.

Such a fortress must cost a fortune…

Tony Vertenten: “That’s correct, Oracle has invested a lot in this and still does: in hardware, in security, in knowledge and expertise, although our customers don’t have to pay for that.

An Oracle Cloud subscription is one of the cheaper ones of its kind. Especially considering what’s included.

People also often forget the extra costs of a server on premise. Not only is a machine like that outdated after 5 years, you also have the maintenance costs, the people who have to monitor it, and so on…

An Oracle Cloud ‘machine’ is constantly being renewed without any extra cost to the customer.”


TRIS Cloud is synonymous with:

  • Very secure
  • Always up to date
  • Excellent price/quality ratio